'Wasteland' Video Released

Dear Phantoms,

It's been almost exactly 1 year since our last release, but good things come to those who wait! After much sweat, laughter, blood, tears and stiff necks: we are more than thrilled to finally share with you our (first ever!) music video for our new single, 'WASTELAND', released in partnership with Graviton Music Services (Facebook).


Both 'Wasteland' and 'Siren's Call' will be part of our debut album, coming out at the end of the year. We are totally excited about that, too!

A thousand thanks and a big hug from all of us,

x Phantom Elite x


With a debut album almost completely recorded ... it's time to announce some LIVE GIGS! 

Be sure to check our LIVE section for more information on the shows and tickets. More dates to come.

See you on the road!

'Siren's Call' release on August 22nd

In partnership with Graviton Music Services (Facebook), the international release campaign for the release of the video 'Siren's Call' has been a HUGE success!  Thank you to all media partners and awesome music fans all over Europe, Australia and North- & South America!


Argentina: El Cuartel del Metal | Tobias Sammet Argentina 'Edguy - Avantasia'

Austria: Stormbringer.at Earshot.at

Australia: Metal-Roos

Belgium: Snoozecontrol.be De Zwaarste Show Rock-pix.com

Bulgaria: The Other Side | Metal Hangar 18 | V Box 7

Brazil: Whiplash.net | A Ilha do Metal | Metal Revolution | Metal na Lata  | Road to Metal | Gothz Newz

Czech Republic: Metal Forever

Germany: Stormbringer-Metal.de | Underground Empire | Metal Only

France: Hard Rock Passion

Hungary: Vaskarc.hu

Italy: Metalhead.it | Metal Force Metallus.it | Suffisso Core All Around Metal | Heavy Metal Webzine

North America: Pure Grain Audio | Bravewords (Twitter FacebookScreaming Guitars Ultimate Metal

Netherlands: Metalfan.nl (Facebook) | Wings of Death Dutch Metal Maniac | Mcsharc.nl | Music Way of Life Soulfood Playlist

Russia: Darkside.ru

Spain: Metal Trip (Facebook)

United Kingdom: Maximum Volume Music - Band of the day